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At the time of the Fajr prayer the Prophet asked Bilal, "Tell me of the best deed you did after embracing Islam, for I heard your footsteps in front of me in Paradise." Bilal replied, "I did not do anything worth mentioning except that whenever I performed ablution during the day or night, I prayed after that ablution as much as was written for me." Narrated by Abu Huraira

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  1. 1001 Nights

    1001 Nights


    1001 Nights,
    A beautifull fragrence
    weight: 1000g Learn More
  2. Islamic calendar

    Islamic calendar


    365 Day-To-Day Islamic Reminders Gift Calendar

    Weight 800g Learn More
  3. What's Next?

    What's Next?


    Make the performance of wudhu and salah an endearing experience for your child with What’s Next? This exciting sequencing game contains 40 wonderfully illustrated cards covering prayer times, the actions of wudhu, the actions of salah and words said during the prayer..

    weight: 500g

    Learn More
  4. Desi Doll (Talking Muslim Doll)

    Desi Doll (Talking Muslim Doll)


    Talking Muslim doll, Aamina, now with Tajweed
    This is an enjoyableway for your children to learn about Islam and it's teachings...

    Weight: 1000g

    Learn More
  5. Busy Biscuits

    Busy Biscuits


    Out of stock

    Busy Biscuits by Hafsa Kasak is a full-colour ...

    Weight: 430g

    Learn More
  6. Savvy Savories

    Savvy Savories


    Savvy Savories by Hafsa Kasak is a full-colour illustrated cookery book

    Weight : 600g Learn More
  7. Sweets n Treats

    Sweets n Treats


    Sweets & Treats is a book packed full of treats, mithais, dishes & much more
    Learn More
  8. The Box of Manners

    The Box of Manners


    Meet the box that's just bursting to teach Islamic manners and etiquettes! Learn More
  9. What to Say When

    What to Say When


    What to Say When... is a supplication and remembrance game for children. Learn More
  10. Camel Puzzel

    Camel Puzzel


    Wooden Camel puzzel 2 sided with English alphabet on one side & Arabic on the other. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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